Ya Malik, Ya Quddus

Ya Malik, Ya Quddus Each morning we awaken and watch as You unfurl all the glories of the day. Moment by moment we wait upon Your Word, O Sovereign, Most Holy One, who inspire our life, our love, it is You who shield us from harm when we would listen and turn to You, within [...]

The Joyous Disciplines of Dervishood

ONE DAY as I was having a cup of tea outside a small hotel in Istanbul, I noticed that the street was named Dervishlersokak, which means “alley of the dervishes.” At that very moment, a man pulling a cart stacked high with sacks of chickpeas passed by, a single man carrying the kind of burden [...]


I was talking with a friend here in Kauai who is doing some important research in what I call the “matrix”. He said, “The work I want to do now for society can best be described as de-programming.” It struck a chord in my own heart as I realized that on the Sufi Path we [...]

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