Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir

Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir O Friend and Protector, Preserver of that which is Most Precious, the Secret within these hearts that You have written on the Tablet preserved and protected for all Eternity, help us to keep our connection with the Source, of Our Sustenance, of that Light that allows us to see, [...]

Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, Az Zahir

Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, Az Zahir Newly awakened, we witness Truth, resplendent in the sunrise and every color of the rainbow— It fits itself into any shape and walks around to manifest relationship. Interwoven, Truth to Truth we realign our strands of DNA, magnetized in strength of You; we know the Truth when we see [...]

Ya Shakur, Ya Wahhab, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim

Ya Shakur, Ya Wahhab, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim We give thanks to You, the Creator of All Gratitude, for instilling these hearts with a Way toward Your Abundance and Ever-present Grace. So often, You give us cause to be grateful— for our health, for loved ones, precious in our remembrance, nurtured by Your Sustenance, for [...]

Ya Nur ala Nur

Ya Nur ala Nur And today, Your Light returns, bouncing from Your leaves to my heart through the window that opens to Your Vastness. From where I sit, I cannot quite see Your sun rise, yet through the mirror, a hidden window opens, and Your rose pours through the air, reverberating with Your silent Song [...]

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