Society Finances


Society Finances and Policies

A new era opened with our arrival in Louisville. There has been an increased sense of responsibility among us all for the carrying of this beautiful tradition, and a broadening in our funding and support. Many hearts and hands have risen to the task of establishing a center of spiritual learning here. Threshold Society is run entirely by volunteers.

Though we are primarily a community of friends in Spirit, in order to be able to receive funds for the support of the work of this tradition, we are also a non-profit corporation with a minimal board structure for ease of functioning. Our current Threshold Society board members are:

Mahmoud Mostafa

Rahima Judy McCullough

Selim Shaurer

Khadim Chishti

Patzia Gonzalez

None of the Threshold Society board members nor the directors of Threshold Society, Kabir and Camille Helminski, receive payment for their administrative services. Threshold Society functions through their generous support and that of a number of other volunteers.

Kabir & Camille donate their time for weekly zhikrs, Mathnawi classes, and our annual gatherings.

Guest teachers at Threshold events sometimes receive a small honorarium which includes some funding towards travel, and Kabir and Camille likewise receive contributions toward their time and travel expenses for distant Threshold Society events.


Threshold Society income received from pledges, donations, programs and events is allocated as indicated in the following chart:

Communications (phone, internet, web servicing)


General office expenses (supplies, postage, copying, etc.)

Bank fees for processing credit card income

Rent for our mother tekke (1/4 share of the Casa Paloma property expense)

General maintenance and utilities


Conferences, net-working, and related travel expenses

Guest hospitality

Program development (incidental expenses related to publications, recordings and events)