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Ya Badi, Ya Qawi, Ya Rahman

Ya Badi, Ya Qawi, Ya Rahman You spoke and we became. Will You help us tame these desires You implanted in us? You know our limitations and our skill; everything originates with You. So show us the purpose of these faults we find that break our concentration in Your Love. So much to learn, we [...]


Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud

Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud It is a golden time when Your Sabr is shining. We wait, knowing time is passing, patient with the Decree of God, and yet yearning… You bring us through a tunnel of Love, when first we are birthed, and in this life of longing we [...]


Monthly Essential Practices of Mevlevi Spirituality for 2017

January theme: Through constant remembrance of God is negligence (Ghaflah) dispelled. ~Imam Ali (AS) February theme: A Sufi is not a real Sufi until he (or she) feels a responsibility for all humanity. ~Sulami (10th Century) March theme: The courtesy (adab) of the gnostic (arif) is above any other courtesy, because his or her gnosis [...]


Ya Wadud, Ya Wali, Ya Wakil

Ya Wadud, Ya Wali, Ya Wakil O Love, continually, You are watching out for us, holding our hand when we are ill, soothing our brow when we are troubled, bringing Peace to our hearts when we have struggled in Your Way and come to know Your Presence with us, in love with us so much, [...]


Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir

Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir O Friend and Protector, Preserver of that which is Most Precious, the Secret within these hearts that You have written on the Tablet preserved and protected for all Eternity, help us to keep our connection with the Source, of Our Sustenance, of that Light that allows us to see, [...]