Turkey trips

Reflections from Africa

I think there are three main points that I took out from this trip, namely: 1. The main purpose of this path is not to attain mystical states, rather the aim is the perfection of human character. 2. We get exactly what we need at the exact moment we need it. Therefore have complete faith [...]

Washing Vegetables in the Maidaan

When we were taken by Uzeyir to the Maidaan to help Aicha with the preparation of the meal, I was all geared up to roll up my sleeves and work fast and hard at chopping, stirring, brushing, mopping etc. When given the job of washing vegetables, the direction Aicha gave us for this took me [...]

We, We, We

We, We, We We were taken on a journey within a journey. We had seen the pilgrims off and left the ascetics behind in their retreat We were neither in this world nor the next; We were at the threshold of Unity. We saw the subtle as apparent and knew the language of impressions We [...]

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