September Theme

The false self (nafs) will never be satisfied;
so strive with God to be near to Him.
~ Shaikh Kabir Helminski

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Reflection on September theme: Practice submission to your higher self, and mastery over the impulses of your lower self.
~ Shaikh Kabir Helminski

~ Eric Evans [San Jose, USA]

Look and see:

Now. Let your inner ear open. And listen.

Do you hear one voice? Or many voices? Do the voices change and grow or do they fade over time? Can the listener cultivate particular voices? Bring them up in chorus? Gently guide others to quiet and silence? And who are you that is listening?

We are, and have been and will be, all the voices the you-listener hears. These voices sing within us of love and joy, fear and inspiration, determination and laziness. The entire range of thought and emotion. We may hear them singing solos or, more commonly, in chorus and fugue. And we are the listener. As the listener, we hear and have heard and will hear the voice of every self within us.

But the listener is not mechanical, like a microphone. It is subject to instruction. It can train itself and be trained. It can practice cultivating the selves and giving words and music to their songs, bringing out their voices and making them more pleasing. With time, the listener’s cultivation produces habits of proper subordination in these selves. It teaches them when it is proper to defer to a superior’s orders. It builds habits of mastery and command in the listener. Look at the face of the semazenbashi watching the semazens.

The higher voices’ subordination isn’t conquest, any more than the semazenbashi conquers the semazens. Their subordination grows from teaching the voices to sound together and make more-pleasing music. Again, the semazenbashi is the leader of the semazens. The leader’s duty is to protect and guide the semazens so that each fully experiences the recital and gains its full benefit. In the photo, you can see him watching the semazens with love, ready to pull them back should the recital take them too far.

Now look at the semazens. They turn together — but not in lockstep unison. Not like the cogs on a wheel. Imagine how disturbing the picture would be if every arm and head pointed in the same direction. At the same time. That would be conquest. Instead, the semazens are birds in a flock, moving each alone but also together. Or voices in harmony. In fact, there is a near-silent harmony. Each semazen turns deep in remembrance, remembering God and saying Her and His and The name once each turn. This quiet interior music only the semazens hear mirrors the harmony the listener cultivates in the voices that are us.

Not that a recital is easy or simple. The listener will also hear lower voices. Fear. Anger. Despair. Laziness. Greed. There are others. For most of us, they do not respond to the listener’s cultivation as fast as the higher voices. But still they are subject to cultivation, with love, time, and work.

Take fear: uncultivated and neglected, its voice can dominate the music and break its harmony, like blaring trumpets or screeching violins. We have all felt fear that fills us up and strangles our other voices. Fear’s harsh voice can distract the listener from the higher voices’ harmony. Left to dominate the music, it can drive out all other voices. But with love and acceptance and long work, the listener can train fear to take a proper and valued place in the music. Trumpets and violins, at the right time and the right volume, make a beautiful contribution. And fear, as one voice in the fugue, makes the others sharper and more focused.

All this cultivation and harmony produces a more-beautiful music within us. But that isn’t why we — or the semazens — do what we do.

Cultivation and harmony are a station on our path to the final melting of all voices into the pre- and post-eternal, pre-existent Voice. The great underlying song we catch echoes of when the wind is right. In a poem or mountain vista. In rose petals and deep conversation. In woven silk and cut stone. In recitation and contemplation. In silences that are their own music.

This melting strips away the many voices in favor of one Voice. And when a chord of this Voice sounds, all our voices, if we have trained them right, and we, the listener, will leap to join and disappear into the Voice’s song. To disappear into that song as two seas meet and disappear into each other.


Mevlana tells us:

ز آن سوی حس عالم توحید دان ** گر یکی خواهی بدان جانب بران‌‌

Zan sawa hass alam-i tawhid dan**gar yeki khawaha-i budan janib baran

The world of unity lies beyond sense**If you want unity, go that way

[Mesnevi, Nicholson lines I. 3099 ( Transliteration and translation original]

Our cultivation and harmony are in service of that one command: “If you want unity, go that way.”



Eric Evans is an attorney practicing in California. He aspires to follow the path.


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