Al-Khaliq; 3K

God is He who has created seven heavens,
and, like them, the many aspects of the earth.
Through all of them flows down from on high, unceasingly,
His creative will, so that you might come to know
that God has the power to will anything,
and that God encompasses all things with His knowledge.
At-Talaq 65:12-13, tr. Asad

The sky, so beautiful and glorious:
God said, “then turn thy gaze again towards it.”
As regards this roof of light,
don’t be content with just one look:
look many times; see:
Are there any flaws?
Since He has told you to look often
at this excellent roof, examining it for flaws,
know then, how much discernment the dark earth needs.
Rumi, Mathnawi II:2946-2949, tr. Helminski



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