dua sequence optionally recited after salaat.

1. After the Imam concludes Fard Salaat, the Muezzin recites aloud:

Allahumme entes-selam wa minkes-selam tebarekte ya zal jalali wal ikram

O my God You are peace and from You comes peace, O Most Glorious and Generous.

2. If there are any sunnat prayers to be performed after fard, they are performed.
Afterwards, the Muezzin says aloud:

Ala Rasulina Salawat

Blessings upon our Prophet.

Each person responds silently:

Allaahumma salli ‘alaa Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ‘alaa ali Sayyidina Muhammadin

Blessings of God upon our Honorable Prophet and his companions.

3. Muezzin aloud:

Subhan Allahi wal hamdu Lillahi wa La ilahe illallahu vallahu ekber
Ve la havle wa la kuwwate illa billahil aliyyil azim

Glory, Thanks be to God and there is no god but Him, the Most Great,
and there is no Power nor Agency but with God, Most High and Exalted.

After this, every person silently recites:

Ayat al-Kursi

4. Muezzin aloud:

Zul Jelali Subhaanallah

To the Source of Glory and Amazement.

Every person silently recites 33 times:


Glory be to God.

5. Muezzin aloud:

Zul Kemali Alhamdulillah

To the Source of Perfection.

Every person silently recites 33 times:


Praise be to God.

6. Muezzin aloud:

Zul Qudreti Allahu Akber

To the Source of Majesty and Power.

Every person silently recites 33 times:

Allahu Akbar

God is greater (than anything).

7. Muezzin aloud:

La ilahe illallah wahdehu la sherike leh,
lehul mulku wa lehul hamdu wa huwa ala kulli shey’in kadir

There is no god but God, without partner,
to whom belongs the Power and the Praise, and who rules over everything.

Every person repeats this silently.

8. Muezzin aloud:

Subhaana Rabbiyel Aliyyil Alel Wahhab

Glory be to our Sustainer, Most High, the Bestower.

Every person raises their hands and silently prays.
Either imam or muezzin concludes this dua session by saying the Fatiha.