Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, Az Zahir

Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, Az Zahir Newly awakened, we witness Truth, resplendent in the sunrise and every color of the rainbow— It fits itself into any shape and walks around to manifest relationship. Interwoven, Truth to Truth we realign our strands of DNA, magnetized in strength of You; we know the Truth when we see [...]

Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim

Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim O You Who Are Infinite, All-Encompassing Your Heavens open and we fall through— up, into such vast expanses we lose our bearings and relinquish all we are carrying of injustices and justices waiting to be balanced by Your Will. We rest in the upward draft of Your breezes bringing [...]

Ya Nur ala Nur

Ya Nur ala Nur And today, Your Light returns, bouncing from Your leaves to my heart through the window that opens to Your Vastness. From where I sit, I cannot quite see Your sun rise, yet through the mirror, a hidden window opens, and Your rose pours through the air, reverberating with Your silent Song [...]

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