Ya Majīd, Ya Fattah, Ya Wadud, Ya Rahim

Ya Majīd, Ya Fattah, Ya Wadud, Ya Rahim Ya Majīd, every day You paint the sky with glory, and even with the autumn paling, You descend the leaves in armfuls of red and gold! How could we not know the Glory of Your Face, Your signature upon our hearts, Your writing on the hills, when [...]

Islam and Human Values

Islam and Human Values by Kabir Helminski (with input from leading scholars) was written to address the urgent questions, misunderstandings, and distortions of Islam that are all too prevalent today. The need for a document like this seems to grow daily in the face of Islamophobic propaganda and extremist versions of Islam. Islam and Human Values makes the case that there is an intrinsic Islam with the Qur’an as its reference point that stands for religious pluralism, freedom of conscience, human dignity, social justice, and the spiritual transformation of human beings.

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