Ya Wasi

Ya Matin, Ya Badi

Ya Matin, Ya Badi Your Joy is coming to the mountainside, Ya Matin, with every sunrise. The breeze of dawn kisses the shores of Your hills, and every day they display Your Light, and generous shadows, in the folds of their skin where rivers run and waterfalls tumble with Your Grace. Anchoring our world, they [...]

Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim

Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim O You Who Are Infinite, All-Encompassing Your Heavens open and we fall through— up, into such vast expanses we lose our bearings and relinquish all we are carrying of injustices and justices waiting to be balanced by Your Will. We rest in the upward draft of Your breezes bringing [...]

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