God Calls to the Realm of Peace (Qur’an 10:25)

Threshold Society Theme for April 1999 Salaam means soundness, well-being, peace, and security. Every human being is seeking this salaam. How often do we attempt to use force or argument to achieve our own ends? How often do we seek our own ends at the expense of others? How often do we attain peace by [...]

Be an Invisible Support for Others

Be an invisible support for others Threshold Society Theme for March 1999 Of all the actions we can choose to do, One of the most generous and beneficial Is to direct light, love, strength, and forgiveness By our own conscious will To people we love and to people who have hurt us. It is [...]

Be Empty of Everything but Hu

Threshold Society Theme for February 1999 Love came, coursed like blood in the veins under my skin. As it emptied me, it filled me with the Friend. Every part of myself became the Friend, And only a name remained of me, which became Him in the end. Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi With every in breath let [...]

Be Led by an Active Heart

Threshold Society Theme for October 1998 Look at how the porters struggle to carry the load; Such effort is the way of those who can see the truth of things. When you were younger, you put your whole heart and soul into certain quests. For the dervish each day is an education of the heart. [...]

Unlock the Blessings of The Moment

Threshold Society Theme for September 1998 The treasury of timelessness offers this gift. . . this moment, this moment so often veiled by senseless thought. When we live in imaginary time, in the archives of the ego, we are deaf and blind to the divine signs that are revealed in each moment, on the farthest [...]

Work Purifies the Soul..

Threshold Society Theme for August 1998 Work purifies the soul, that is, when it is an expression of humbleness, gratitude, and love. Work purifies the soul, when it is free of any resentment, when it is an expression of being fully in the moment. It is a fact of our human condition that we each [...]

Ya Quddus, Ya Salaam (O Holiness, O Source of Peace)

Threshold Society Theme for June 1998 These two words occur in proximity to each other in the Holy Quran. It is possible to silently breathe inYa Quddus, and breathe out Ya Salaam. Each human being can receive the support of this Holiness and radiate this Peace. In doing this consciously we can develop our connection [...]

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