Historical UK Newsletter Archive

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This is an archive of UK newsletters between 2014-2015. From January 2016, the newsletters became international and are held here – sign up to get them delivered by email.

Dec 2015

Reflection on November’s theme: The disciplines of dervish-hood are a way to discovering your true identity beyond the false self. The porter runs to the heavy load and takes it from others knowing burdens are the foundations of ease and bitter things the forerunners of pleasure. See the porters struggle over the load! It’s the way of those who see the truth of things. [Mathnawi II 1834-1835] The disciplines of dervish-hood: regular spiritual practice, practices of adab and service, cultivating [...]

Nov 2015

Reflection on October’s theme:  Begin with contentment (Rida); then follow the Heart. As-Sadiq relates that the Messenger said, 'The world is a series of changes in fortune: such benefit you may draw from it comes to you despite your frailty, and what is to your disadvantage will afflict you without you being able to ward it off. Anyone who ceases to long for what has passed him by finds peace of mind, and whoever is content with what Allah has [...]

Oct 2015

Reflection on September’s theme:  The false self (nafs) will never be satisfied; so strive with God to be near to Him. For most of our lives we live with our self (nafs) in charge, calling out to God whenever the nafs gets a bit shaken. It is when we fall and get broken that we see ourselves separate from our nafs and realise we cannot exist without God. Adam was content to be near God but his nafs removed him [...]

Sep 2015

Reflection on August’s theme: The more the mind and heart become still, the more we can trust in God. The state of my mind has always been quite frenetic. Over the years I have struggled with presence and meditation. It always seems that the quieter I try to become, the more active my mind becomes. During my very first 3-day chile (private retreat), which I undertook to try to develop these qualities of mindfulness in a contained, structured environment, I [...]

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