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Reflection on April’s theme: The natural state of the human being is worship. The human needs God as the garden needs spring.

557883_548224621907307_1544093047_nWhilst growing up I was told: ‘Worship Allah, for if you worship you will be rewarded entry into the gardens of heaven.’

So I worshipped for an end result and for a better afterlife. There was no worship for the Divine Itself. It was more for the favour He was going to do for me, and not for the love He bestows upon me day after day. That didn’t even enter my train of thought.

I felt like I was living in the darkness of winter; all I did was seek forgiveness and live in fear of death.

This path has changed that considerably. In fact, I now feel that my heart blooms like the gardens in spring. That niggling thirst I have is slowly being quenched, and fear is changing to love. I’ve gained a close friend and a companion whom I consult in times of need and to whom I’m forever thankful in times of joy. I’m now closer to Him than ever before and consciously attempt to be present in times of worship.

Without this worship (and by worship I don’t just mean the act of prayer, but also refer to daily deeds and service), I’d still be in a state of perpetual winter. The understanding that God is with me at all times, that He plans for me, protects me, fills my life with joy and happiness, and sometimes with sadness (but always for a good reason) fills my heart with light.

I ask myself: ‘Is there any moment in my life when I don’t need God?’

~ Tasmiyah Shabir, Old Windsor

May’s theme is: Leave opinions and blame; be an objective witness, and serve in love.

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Integral Sufism: Living Tawhid (The Practice of Oneness)

The talks from the recent day event with Shaikh Kabir are available here.

The Natural State of the Human Being


[Latest Podcast] Reflections on last month’s theme, ‘The natural state of the human being is worship. The human being needs God as the garden needs spring’.

Sufism is a very practical discipline. Part of it is about how we use our consciousness. Starting with a simple practice of directing our attention toward something ineffable but very real in our own being, behind thoughts and emotional reactions, where we are at home in pure presence, very near to the Divine.

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Mevlevi Wird

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Practical Aspects of Dervishood

bowing dervishby Mahmoud Mostafa

For me, dervishhood is a total commitment to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet, Mevlana Rumi, Shams, and all the blessed ones who traveled the way of love. There are many aspects to this following and over the years it has been shown to me that the sincerity of commitment to this path is manifest in knowing that one is a servant and living one’s life in this truth. What are the practical aspects of this way of living? For me there are several dimensions, there is a state of being, an active practice, a quality of self-reflection and self-knowing, and a way of conduct in daily life.  Read the full article.

Mevlevi Zhikr recording

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The Real Look of Things

The world is green, with gardens everywhere,
all of it reflected from a beautiful rosy smile,
all around a blazing jewel from a deep mine,
and on every side souls joined with souls.

[Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi: Quatrain 1858, The Rumi Daybook]
Whirling at Wanstead Taken by Daud Bellak

Whirling at Wanstead
Taken by Daud Bellak

Wanstead Apr 2015

Collective Hu at Wanstead
Taken by Tazeen Ahmad