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Reflection on October’s theme:  Begin with contentment (Rida); then follow the Heart.

tumblr_mcc93u7urm1rqttvso1_500-186x300As-Sadiq relates that the Messenger said, ‘The world is a series of changes in fortune: such benefit you may draw from it comes to you despite your frailty, and what is to your disadvantage will afflict you without you being able to ward it off. Anyone who ceases to long for what has passed him by finds peace of mind, and whoever is content with what Allah has provided him will find coolness for his eyes.’

The Messenger said, ‘Contentment is a wealth that never dries up,’ and ‘Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure.’

Al-Baqir said, ‘Take care that your eyes do not covet what is beyond you — Allah says to His apostle: Let not then their property and their children excite your admiration

[Surah at-Tawbah 9:55], and Do not strain your eyes after what We have given certain classes of them to enjoy [Surah al-Hijr 15:88]. If any of these things does enter your heart then remember the life of the Prophet: his bread was made from barley, his sweets were dates, and his fuel was palm fronds, if he could find them.’

~The Book of Character, ed. Camille Helminski

November’s theme is: The disciplines of dervish-hood are a way to discovering your true identity beyond the false self.

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Countering Extremism: The Transformation of the Ego

Shaikh Kabir on extremism as a pathology of the ego with a religious justification. All human endeavours and institutions are prone to degradation because of egoism. The real and original Islam was and is a remedy for this spiritual disease.

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Rumi’s Urs 2015 Bradford & London

Urs Flyer 2015
Rumi’s Circle with whirling dervishes from The Threshold Society are pleased to announce the 2015 celebration of Mevlana Rumi’s Urs, the anniversary of his union with the Beloved. Join us for an uplifting evening with renowned musicians Amir Koushkani, Sarah Yaseen, Ali Nourbakhsh & Mina Salama. We will be sharing music and poetry on the theme of “Receiving Spirit: Mary & Muhammad”.

Buy your tickets here:
Adults: £20
Concession: £15

Doors open at 6.30pm, performance begins promptly at 7pm.

Sunday 13th Dec: Delius Arts Centre, 29 Great Horton Rd, Bradford BD7 1AA
Friday 18th Dec: St Mark’s Church, Myddelton Square, London EC1R 1XX

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Poem by Shaikh Kabir

Inspired by Ummi Sinan (16th C.)

There’s a city of the heart
made up from nothing but
roses, roses, roses.

All they buy and sell there,
and the gifts they give are
roses, roses, roses.

The white rose is together
in the garden with the red rose
and no thorn harms them.

The waves of the ocean
and the clouds in the sky are
roses, roses, roses.

My heart is whirling there.
The turning and the stillpoint
are the Rose, the Rose.

And the Rose has a door
held open by the Saints.
Let’s be with them, be with them.

There’s a mystery for us
in suffering and in joy.
Everything is roses, roses.

Murāqabah, Contemplation in The Mevlevi Tradition

The spiritual practice of murāqabah consists of opening one’s heart to receive divine truths, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual abundance, prosperity and bounteous spiritual gifts. It also consists of keeping one’s heart ready for spontaneous thoughts or inspirations of this kind, and purifying and clearing one’s inner space for these divine manifestations.

Murāqabah may also be described as the practice of disconnecting from all else besides God, turning towards the Truth (God) in purity, perceiving the comprehensiveness of the Divine Knowledge surrounding everything, and continuing to worship while guarding and preserving this inner purity.
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Mevlevi Zhikr recording

Access the full Mevlevi zhikr recited by Shaikh Kabir and Shaikha Camille and support your daily practice. Listen online or download.


Nov 6th: Threshold London Monthly Open Group, 7pm. Newcomers to the group are asked to seek a telephone introduction and briefing with the host/facilitator before attending. Please phone Sadat on 07710 511517, or e-mail

Nov 18th: Interfaith Week Ruminations: The Divine Flame, Kendal Unitarian Chapel. As part of Interfaith Week 2015, Rumi’s Circle and the South Lakes Interfaith Forum would like to invite you to an evening of poetry, music, meditation and reflection on the symbol of the Divine Flame and what it means to us. More details.

Nov 28th: Family zhikr and meal in Harrow from 7pm hosted by Sania and Amer. For more details and address please contact Sania at

Dec 13th: Rumi’s Urs Bradford. More details.

Dec 18th: Rumi’s Urs London. More details.

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Stoking The Fire of Love

The vision of God looks into the heart
to see whether there is some modesty there,
no matter what your words sound like,
because the heart is what matters.

Speech is secondary. The essence is what’s real.
So what is secondary matters less.
How long must I keep telling this story?

I want burning, burning:
become intimate with that burning!
Light up a bonfire of love in your soul,
burn up thought and speech!

O Moses, those who know the “right” way are of one kind,
but they whose souls and spirits burn
are of another sort.

[Mathnawi II: 1760-1764, The Rumi Daybook]