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This is an archive of UK newsletters between 2014-2015. From January 2016, the newsletters became international and are held here – sign up to get them delivered by email.

Aug 2015

Reflection on July’s theme: Be cleansed of shallow idolatries; affirm the Real. Ya Haqq. Alhaqqah, Mal-haqqah, Wa Maa adraka mal haqqaqah. Oh the Laying-bare of the Truth. How awesome that laying-bare of the Truth. And what could make thee conceive what the laying bare of the truth will be? [Surah 69: Al Haqqah] As we journey from covering the Truth “La illaha...”(There is no God...) towards “...il Allah/Haqq/Hu” (...but God/Truth), the inner journey of self-examination allows the veils of separation [...]

Jul 2015

Reflection on June’s theme: Patience is consent to the present moment; patience is crowned with faith. One way I have tried to practice consent to the present moment this month is to observe and resist my complaining. The word consent comes from the Latin ‘con’ meaning ‘together with’ and ‘sentire’ meaning ‘feeling’. So consent to the present moment is ‘feeling together with’ what is. It is a state of oneness. Mevlana says: 'The Sufi is the child of the moment.' [...]

Jun 2015

Reflection on May’s theme: Leave opinions and blame; be an objective witness, and serve in love. Initially this made me reflect on our outer world which is beset with apparent conflict and untruths, and the question of how to meet these without being drawn into judgement and blame. I don't believe we are being asked to be passive by being asked to witness. The Arabic for witness is shahid and means one who knows by seeing clearly with open eyes, [...]

May 2015

Reflection on April’s theme: The natural state of the human being is worship. The human needs God as the garden needs spring. Whilst growing up I was told: ‘Worship Allah, for if you worship you will be rewarded entry into the gardens of heaven.’ So I worshipped for an end result and for a better afterlife. There was no worship for the Divine Itself. It was more for the favour He was going to do for me, and not for [...]

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