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This is an archive of UK newsletters between 2014-2015. From January 2016, the newsletters became international and are held here – sign up to get them delivered by email.

Apr 2015

Reflection on March’s theme: This is the work of the heart, not the work of the head. ~Shams What is the work of the heart? Wouldn’t I know, if I knew myself better? So I wrote down some of my qualities. As I wrote I saw so many positive things!  I was filling pages with compliments and I found myself being grateful for just being me! I found a place of love and self acceptance within myself. I felt like [...]

Mar 2015

Reflection on February’s theme: Character is the spiritually infused balance of Love and Intelligence. A thing’s character is its essence, its true nature. Yet we talk about building human character, as if character were something that could develop over time. If our character is our true nature, isn’t it something we were born with? Why do we have to develop it? To say that someone “has character” means that he or she has taken some real steps toward becoming a [...]

Feb 2015

Reflection on January’s theme: Awakened Being is attention guided by the Heart in everyday life. Surely we are immersed in everyday life for a reason? But reason often appears when we stop searching for it. Rumi says, ‘If you are too careful, Love will not find you.’ Looking aside from the bright star we see the light’s source in sharper clarity and intensity, without being dazzled. There is to be found the mystical in the everyday, the sacred in the [...]

Jan 2015

Reflection on December’s theme: Freewill is the effort to thank God for His gifts. ~ Mevlana I imagined an ant… She lives amongst a colony of a million ants. One day she drifts away from the colony and becomes lost in the forest. Alone, she wanders. The wind pushes and pulls her; every path she tries to take she’s pushed a different way. Fighting against the relentless wind, she becomes angry and exhausted. As the struggle takes its toll, she [...]