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This is an archive of UK newsletters between 2014-2015. From January 2016, the newsletters became international and are held here – sign up to get them delivered by email.

Dec 2014

Reflection on November’s theme: Wash your hands of the cheap metals of existence like the mature, so that you may find the philosopher’s Stone of love and become gold yourself. Reflecting on this month’s theme is quite a painful experience for this one. Though it is my deep longing and aspiration to be in this world but not of it, this traveller has to admit that the cheap metals of existence are still clinging to his hands after all these [...]

Nov 2014

Reflection on October’s theme: The interpretation of a sacred text is true if it stirs you to hope, activity, and awe. ~ Mevlana On a recent trip to Urfa in Turkey, we visited the cave where Job, Hazrati Ayyub, prayed while he was undergoing his trials. The cave was tiny, barely able to contain the few of us there. As we sat inside, we repeatedly recited the Quranic ayah associated with Job: Affliction has befallen me: but Thou art the [...]

Oct 2014

Reflection on September's theme: Put this vain thinking to sleep, lift up your head into spiritual wakefulness. ~Mevlana Reflecting on this month's theme, the crucial question that arises for this one is "What is vain thinking?" It must firstly be habitual thinking that forms a barrier between us and Reality, Al-Haqq: fears and desires linked to an imaginary future, or obsessions relating to the past, disconnect us from our lived experience in the present and the abundance which we might [...]

Sep 2014

Letter from Shaikha Camille In the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate and Infinitely Merciful Beloved, Beloved friends, Thank you, Thank you so much for all your love and support and healing prayers and good wishes, nourishing food and flowers, and so many offers of assistance. “In the hands of this Love,” as Yunus says, this one has been held so beautifully through this 40 day chille, and is now at home and little by little gaining strength— Alhamdulillah! A [...]