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This is an archive of UK newsletters between 2014-2015. From January 2016, the newsletters became international and are held here – sign up to get them delivered by email.

Aug 2014

Prayers for Shaikha Camille Camille Ana has recently had some surgery to help with mobility issues and is currently recovering in hospital. We ask you to remember her in your prayers. May the love of our community carry our beloved Ana through this challenging time, and may the Divine hold her in healing light. Ya Sabur, Ya Shafi, Ya Wakil. You who are the Source of Patience, Healing, and Trust. Reflection on July’s theme: Contentment is inexhaustible wealth. ~Imam Ali [...]

Jul 2014

Reflection on June’s theme: Beyond desiring attention, become attention. As I sit with these words, receiving them as though they are a personal decree for me from my Lord, I notice His/Her usage of the word ‘beyond’; it seems to me that I have to journey somewhere, from me to the other, from this small hamlet to a vast galaxy, or maybe another hamlet. I notice that in my travels I’m not leaving myself or my hamlet behind, rather they [...]

Jun 2014

Reflection on May’s theme: Your body is your servant; train it with love. Trying to being aware of my relationship with my body, I noticed two remarkable things. First of all, my intimacy with food; and secondly, my close friendship with physical comfort. The daily rituals kick off in the morning. It starts with the yearning for tea or coffee, or rather the longing for caffeine; as if the body feels it is out of balance and a shot of [...]

May 2014

Reflection on April’s theme: Your inner being is a sanctuary; cleanse it with the light of compassionate awareness. I was reminded of this month’s theme when I read the following line, as it speaks of the relationship between my inner being, returning to my origin and seeking refuge in God: “O You who return their servants to their origin! O Most Merciful! O Most Loving One!” (Mevlevi Wird). I am reminded to manifest a kindness towards this self, a kindness [...]