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Reflection on May’s theme: Your body is your servant; train it with love.

fruitTrying to being aware of my relationship with my body, I noticed two remarkable things. First of all, my intimacy with food; and secondly, my close friendship with physical comfort.

The daily rituals kick off in the morning. It starts with the yearning for tea or coffee, or rather the longing for caffeine; as if the body feels it is out of balance and a shot of panacea is needed urgently to prepare it for the heavy tasks to come this new day. Next, I delight myself with the various choices for breakfast: Cruesli, bread, cheese, peanut butter, chocolate spread, sausage… Many thoughts pass by: “not healthy”, “bloating”, “too much sugar”; but also: “you deserve it”, “perhaps there will be no time for lunch today”, “you need the calories”, “only today”. I learned that in making the choice the sensations for my taste buds are very important.

It occurred to me that this all seems to be a habitual pattern and I decided to try out an experiment: one week with no tea or coffee in the morning, and just water, fruit and dates for breakfast (thus no savoury food). The first day of this experiment was like rehab for my dissatisfied taste buds. Leaving home without a shot of panacea gave me an uncomfortable feeling: I felt incomplete, not able to concentrate, a bit lost. And my belly was complaining with a hunger not completely stilled.

To my great surprise, before the end of the week I noticed a longing for fruit and dates in the morning. I started to enjoy the intense sweetness of a banana, the sensations of the bites in the soft structure of this wonderful creation. Incredible how the firmness of an apple can still the hunger!  The peeling of a pear and the feeling of its juice running in my hands is a joy, promising of wonderful sensations to come when I eat it.  And by the end of the week, I felt much awakened when leaving home. Strangely enough, the lack of a shot of panacea led to a realization that being able to concentrate or not is not a big issue anymore. My taste buds and belly are now satisfied with fruit and dates. The experiment showed me that the body, as a servant, can be trained with love. And, for me, this love means training my body with small steps, one by one, and some awareness. Eyvallah.

~ Shakeel Munir, Holland

June’s theme is: Beyond desiring attention, become attention.

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The Prophet said, “In these days
the breathings of God prevail:
Keep ear and mind attentive
to these spiritual influences;
catch these breathings.”
The Divine breathing came,
beheld you, and departed:
it gave life to whom it would, and left.
Another breathing has arrived.
Pay attention, friend,
don’t miss this one, too.

[Mathnawi I: 1951-1953]