PM Modi 2

“Sufism reflected the universal human desire to go beyond the practice and precepts of religion for a deeper unity with the Almighty. And, in that spiritual and mystical enquiry, Sufis experienced the universal message of the Almighty: That perfection in human life is reflected in the qualities that are dear to God. That all are creations of God; and, that if we love God, we must also love all his creations. For the Sufis, therefore, service to God meant service to humanity.” Indian Prime Minster, Navendra Modi.

Whether his talk was politics or sincere admiration, Prime Minister Navendra Modi offered a beautiful 30 minute homage to Sufism at the World Sufi Forum in Delhi, March 17. The idea of Sufism as an antidote to violence and extremism has rippled through the collective psyche of humanity, a sign of the times. And as the traditional saying goes: The Sufi is the person of the moment (ibn al waqt). Read Shaikh Kabir’s full account on Huffington Post and see other blogs by Shaikh Kabir here.