Within Your Eternal Well-Being

What else can I do,
but trust in Your Love?
Where else can I be,
but in Your embrace?
What else can I hear
or see but You
and the unfolding
of Your Wish
for our well-being
in a greater sanity!
Ya Shafi, Ya Karim, Ya Wadud!

~ Excerpt from A New World, C.H.A.H.


Greetings of heart, of Peace, even in the midst of the current storms of challenges and moments of intense duress. By heart we are sending so much love to each of you, dear hearts around this world embracing this world with your prayers. Unprecedented times have arrived, and yet we have known such challenges in centuries long past and have much to remember of trust in our Sustainer’s infinite support, and care for our neighbors, our planet, and world upon worlds, long hence, arising now, and yet to come. Generations need our attention.

Kabir and this one have just returned to Love’ville after some intensive projects and hold you each by heart, hoping in the days ahead to arrange international zoom gatherings, even as you now are, in each locale, discovering ways to meet in the virtual realm. Even in this virtual realm we can be close by heart, breath by breath, and by intention zhikr together for the well-being of this world and all its inhabitants. Kabir will be more in touch soon regarding this, inshallah.

In riding the current waves, please remember that The Mevlevi Wird can be an excellent heart-sustaining companion.  As in this prayer on page 52:

1. O my God! I ask for faith that enfolds my heart and unshakable certainty of truth until I know that nothing will come to me other than that which You have intended for me, and so make me content with what You have apportioned to me.

All of nature can support us in this time of difficulty, as we gather as families and walk among the trees, recognizing that surely, with every difficulty comes ease [94:6]:

2. O my God! I want You. Truly, You are pure of any imperfect attributes not appropriate to Your Divinity. You are Most Holy and Pure. The darkness of the night, the brightness of the day, the rays of the sun, the light of the moon, the gushing of the rivers, the rustle of the leaves of the trees, the stars of the heavens, the soil of the earth, the rocks of the mountains, the sands of the desert dunes, the waves of the seas, the creatures upon the land and within the sea, all proclaim Your limitless glory.

May our mis-steps as human beings be forgiven, may we be re-directed and know again what is essential, knowing the angels are with us, near at hand to be of help, that always we are held within the Presence of God, breathing us with every breath:

1. O my God! I beseech You. Everything needs You and You are in need of none. You are One. Your glory is manifest in the heavens. Your will is enacted on earth. Your majesty is marked by the Throne. Your mercy is realized in the Garden. Your chastisement is suffered in the fire. The angels are Your forces. Day and night they continually, untiringly glorify and praise You.

2. My Lord! I ask forgiveness of You to whom all praise is due. There is no God but You who are Tender and Giving, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Originator, O You who are the Possessor of Majesty and Infinite Generosity.

Whoever turns away from the powers of evil and has faith in God
has grasped the most trustworthy handhold which shall never give way.
And God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Any moment we might pause in remembrance:

With You

Ah—here we are—
the ebb and flow,
calling, being called—
You know,
where we are—
with You.


through this world,
we rest
only in Your arms,
a breath
of remembrance
brings us Home
when no where
has known
us as our very self,
but You,
Who yet
witness us through
every tree,
every creature
whose life
You have bestowed,
whose eyes
You enliven
with Your Light.
Ya Nur!
Ya Rahim!
O Light of Mercy,
bless these days
and nights
with rectification
of Your intent
through these humble
in the ships
You send sailing
the Infinite Seas
of Your Love.
Ya Wadud,
help us to be
that Love,
not claiming
or dominance,
but caretaking
with great gentleness
and the Wisdom
of Your Balance,
Ya Hakim,
Ya Wadud,
Ya Wakil!

~ Excerpt from A New World, C.H.A.H.

And on this nineteenth day, we are reminded: And over it is Nineteen! [74:13]; one might consider that, also, overarching the Quran is the blessing of the nineteenth surah, the surah of Beloved Maryam. Surely our beloved Prophet Muhammad must have connected deeply with Hazrati Maryam, with her heart, the trials she experienced, and her reception of “the Word.” How beautifully Mary’s surah begins with the prayer of Zachariah and his acknowledgement that never in his prayer to God has he been unblessed. And as we are, also, reminded,

And always does He/She give you something
out of what you may be asking of Him/Her;
and should you try to count God’s blessings,
you could never compute them.

May your prayers be filled with Light. May your well-being be supported with abundant Divine Grace, and all your efforts of assistance in your communities, in your families, in this world. May we be taught through these difficulties how to be more Real in alignment with our Truest Source. Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud, Ya Wakil!

All love,


If there had not been Love, how would there have been existence?
How would bread have attached itself to you and become assimilated?
The bread became you through your love and appetite;
for how else should bread have had any access to your living spirit?
Love makes lifeless bread into spirit:
it can make the spirit that was perishable everlasting.

[Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Mathnawi V, 2012-2014]


In the sight of Love, fear isn’t even as great as a single hair:
in the law of Love, everything is offered as a sacrifice.

[Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Mathnawi V, 2184]