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A New Chapter in Our Lives (June 30)

In November, after the sale of Casa Paloma where they have lived for 8 years, Camille and Kabir will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky.

They have been warmly and generously invited by a community of people interested in establishing a Mevlevi Tekkye there. This was the first discussion of the move within the local California circle.

The Word, The Name (June 16)

There are intimate relationships among words, sound, meaning, breath and the Divine. True words have an enduring power; false words have no power in the long run. The Word of God as reflected in holy and inspired texts is something very powerful, creative and energetic. It is not merely a conceptual formulation and opinion, but rather something from the Creative Source of existence itself. The Word or The Name helps us to fix our consciousness on Reality, renewing our contact with the Inward Center, stabilizing our communion with Spirit. To have such a tool that fixes our consciousness on Reality is no small thing.