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Relationship with the Body (5/15/2014)

Relationship with the body – what are we relating from? And what are we relating to? Exploring the relationship between spirit, heart and self. How the form of salah embodies this relationship with the body. How ablution is a spiritual purification and grounding of the body. See here for the article on Adab: The Courtesy of the Path; the adab of remembering your servanthood in the world of bodies.

The Body is a Servant (5/1/2014)

Sohbet on this month’s theme: Your Body is your servant; train it with Love. What is our relationship to our body? Are we aware of this relationship? Enlivening the body physically opens us up to spiritual experience. The human body is a transporter of subtle energies. Love and Unity play a role in awakening the higher faculties.  Click for PDF file mentioned in this sohbet.