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The Ladder of Truth (8/7/2014)

There is something precious in a human soul that treasures communion with the Divine. All other riches are a poor imitation. What is real is the Spirit within us. Our being in community reflects Reality from heart to heart. Until our own heart becomes a reflector of Truth. Sometimes we need some help to awaken that reflection. There is help from the other side if we make at least a gesture of human will.

Coherence, Will, and Intention (5/23/2014)

The importance of developing more conscious choice, and forming concrete intentions. Every decision made but carelessly left incomplete drains us of will. We need this everyday exercise of will, building the muscle of conscious choice, rather than living a life of dispersion, of following the path of least resistance.

Relationship with the Body (5/15/2014)

Relationship with the body – what are we relating from? And what are we relating to? Exploring the relationship between spirit, heart and self. How the form of salah embodies this relationship with the body. How ablution is a spiritual purification and grounding of the body. See here for the article on Adab: The Courtesy of the Path; the adab of remembering your servanthood in the world of bodies.