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UK Annual Retreat Dorset 2018: “Practices of Coherence”

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Friday 24th August

Session 1: Opening Reflections (Kabir Dede & Camille Ana)

Saturday 25th August

Session 2: Morning Wird (Camille Ana)

Session 3: Mevlana on Coherence (Kabir Dede)

Session 4: Panel Discussion (Mahmoud, Hana, Zeliha, Sadat)

Session 5: Levels of Coherence (Jeremy)

Session 6: Meditation/Muraqaba (Kabir Dede)

Sunday 26th August

Session 7: Morning Wird (Camille Ana)

Session 8: Connections (Camille Ana)

Session 9: Mevlana on Coherence continued (Kabir Dede)

Session 10: Exploring Maqams (Selcuk)

Session 11: Spiritual Practice Q&A (Kabir Dede)

Monday 27th August

Session 12: Morning Wird (Camille Ana)

Session 13: Closing Reflections (Kabir Dede)