UK Annual Retreat Dorset 2022: “Refining Meditation”

Friday 2nd September

Session 1: Opening meditation with ney and zhikr


Saturday 3rd September

Session 2: Morning Wird (Shabana & Donia)


Session 3: Q&A, ney, meditation


Session 4: Baby ilahi


Session 5: Mevlevi Community, panel discussion led by Mahmoud


Session 6: Sema


Sunday 4th September

Session 7: Morning Wird (Ghassan & Iman)


Session 8: Ney, meditation, sohbet


Session 9: Music, Q&A


Session 10: Ilahi, Q&A, more ilahis


Session 11: poem, ney & zhikr


Monday 5th September

Session 12: Morning Wird (Mahmoud & Shabana)


Session 13: Sohbet


Session 14: Ney, sohbet