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Reflection on January’s theme: Consciousness aware of Itself is a Divine gift

childplayLike a lot of people there are times when I tend to sleepwalk through what seems like a whole day, living somewhere in my head, unaware of my surroundings and even my own breathing. And then there are those moments when it seems as if I magically ‘wake up’ into the fullness of the moment, experiencing a deep connection and resonance with life. But for the most part waking up is a conscious decision, an act of will or something activated when in spiritual practice. There are also those moments when something spontaneously triggers an almost ancient memory of being in presence. For example, when we see a child joyfully at play, or watch a beautiful sunset. The ego, of course, strongly objects to our efforts or moments of presence; it prefers us to judge, label and identify, and so propels us from connection to disconnection and back to sleep.

Aiming last month to be more mindful of my own practice of presence, and to both watch and expand those gaps in between thoughts, wasn’t without its challenges. The ego wasn’t going to make things easy. However, those blessed moments of beyond-thought, of an inner stillness, spaciousness, and of conscious presence enabled me to reflect on just how much reactive and incessant thinking both depletes the energy and the flow of life. At the same time I was able to understand that it is also possible to experience presence in solitude and while engaging in daily life. Being the conscious observer is possible when we stop, breathe and tune in. And it is in these moments of quietly sensing one’s own presence that there is a surrendering in which we awaken to the bliss of being –- the divine gift of Consciousness becoming aware of Itself.

~ Noor Lesley Petrie, Bradford

February’s theme is: The drop that truly knows itself is aware of the Ocean

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Didn’t I say, “Don’t sit with sad companions?”
Don’t sit with anyone but those whose hearts are glad.
Since you are in the garden, don’t go to thorns.
Sit amidst the roses, jonquils, and jasmine.

[Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi: Quatrain 1518]