January theme: An Awakened Being is someone whose attention is guided by the Heart in everyday life.

February theme: I have not seen in the world of search and seeking any worthiness better than a good disposition. -Mevlana II:810.

March theme: Our original food is the Nur of God.

April theme: Prayer (dua) and zhikr are methodologies to manifest the divine names latent in our being.

May theme: The Eye of the Heart is a seeker of Beauty.

June theme: The wealth of the seeker is emptiness (fakr, poverty).

July theme: To know reality remember: Reality is Love

August theme: Practice submission to your higher self, and mastery over the impulses of your lower self.

September theme: Adorn yourself with good nature and Allah will ease your account. ~Imam Ali

October theme: Faith (iman) bears the fruit of happiness and positive energy. All negativity is a form of faithlessness (kufr).

November theme: Kindness is not found in anything except that it beautifies it, and it is not removed from anything except that it disgraces it. ~Hadith

December theme: Sufi Chivalry is a virtuous act you perform without seeing yourself in the act. ~Qushayri