January theme: Through constant remembrance of God is negligence (Ghaflah) dispelled. ~Imam Ali (AS)

February theme: A Sufi is not a real Sufi until he (or she) feels a responsibility for all humanity. ~Sulami (10th Century)

March theme: The courtesy (adab) of the gnostic (arif) is above any other courtesy, because his or her gnosis refines the heart.

April theme: O my God! I ask for faith that will bring enthusiasm to my heart… ~Mevlevi Wird

May theme: Make extraordinary and bold efforts on the Path, but remember who the Doer is. ~Abul Hasan Kharaqani

June theme: Mix with the people with your tongue, but distinguish yourself from them by your deeds. ~Imam `Ali

July theme: God gave me a life, the value of every single day He alone knows. ~Mevlana Jalaludin Rumi

August theme: One’s behavior is the index of one’s mind. ~Imam ‘Ali

September theme: When you offer Him your existence, He gives you his Life. ~Kharaqani

October theme: Courtesy costs nothing and buys everything. Imam Ali, may he be blessed.

November theme: Be kind, for when kindness is part of something it beautifies it; and if kindness is taken away, it tarnishes it. ~Hadith

December theme: God’s Mercy is water; it flows to the lowest. Become humble earth to be embraced by the Merciful. ~Mevlana