January theme: “Mercy” (Rahim) is the grace that allows us to connect with the Divine in every circumstance of life.

February theme: Disengage from the ego realm; enter the Reality of the Sacred. Whether in worship or in the ordinary acts of life, contemplate the Divine Beloved.

March theme: In order to become human, we need to always be within the Divine Presence—to be aware of God, to hold Him in our hearts. ~Suleyman Dede

April Theme: Presence is just the beginning; but with presence the empathy of the heart can awaken.

May Theme: Real Love has no limits; it is not defined by “like” or “dislike.”

June Theme: Holy Spirit can accomplish anything through the human being purified of egoism.

July Theme: To come to know the deep well of your own being is better than to chase after the heels of the world. ~Rumi

August theme: Whatever God’s decree may be, ask for interior illumination to be truly content with it. ~Kabir Helminski

September theme: Virtue is seeing the spiritual nature of all situations. ~Shaikh Kabir

October theme: Only when distress turns to remembrance and blame of others is erased, is pride extracted from our egos, humbleness settles in our hearts, and the door of grace opens. ~Ali (r.a.) freely paraphrased by Shaikh Kabir

November theme: The faithful in their mutual love, affection and compassion for one another are as one body. Muhammad (pbuh)

December theme: Endeavor to make God your Companion in all your spiritual states as much as possible.