Jan: Purified attention is the light the soul casts on existence.

Feb: The spirit is gladdened by an I-ness without “I” and springs away from the I-ness of the world. ~ Rumi

Mar: This thirst in our souls is the magnetism of the Water. ~ Rumi

Apr: Let your soul take on the work, and stop your mind from bragging.

May: We have come from God. Go forward in God.

Jun: To be self-giving is to be free of self.

Jul: In this life every soul has its assigned homework. Do you know yours?

Aug: True Adab (spiritual courtesy) is not a set of rules, but innocent awareness.

Sep: Develop “Being” through remembrance, intention, and love.

Oct: In a universe of Love, a dervish is not governed by fear.

Nov: Follow the breath within to a light more fundamental than your thoughts, emotions, or “self.”

Dec: Dervishood is fulfilled with humbleness (تواضع) and certainty (يقين).