Konya/Ankara: Shaikh Kabir was grateful to speak at the Celebrations for Rumi’s Urs, joining hearts with Faruk Hemdem Celebi Efendi, Esin Celebi, and other beloved friends like Cemalnur Sargut, Osman Nuri Kucuk, Mahmud Erol Kilic. Dec. 15-17.

San Francisco: February 24-26. Mercy Center. The Human Reality, Sufi Chivalry, & Freedom With Baraka Blue (poet/singer), Amina Wadud (scholar and activist), and Amir & Nasreen Etmenazade, and other guests to be announced.

Dallas, Texas: April 22nd. An Evening of Sema and Poetry with Kabir & Camille, and an extraordianry ensemble of musicians. (info forthcoming)

Bahamas, Paradise Island: May 5-9. 2017 Meditation Symposium at the Sivananda Ashram. Sivananda.org

Whistler, British Columbia: July 7-9 The Human Reality, In Times of Opportunity. Our annual retreat BC, deep in nature, following Ramadan.

England: Late August-early September. We’re deciding on the most appropriate, natural retreat center for this year’s gathering.