Ya Matin, Ya Badi

Ya Matin, Ya Badi Your Joy is coming to the mountainside, Ya Matin, with every sunrise. The breeze of dawn kisses the shores of Your hills, and every day they display Your Light, and generous shadows, in the folds of their skin where rivers run and waterfalls tumble with Your Grace. Anchoring our world, they [...]

Presence, Sincerity, & Spiritual Practice

Today time moves fast and our humanness is under assault in many ways. The distractions of consumer society and pop culture, the compression of time, the advance of technological powers, the intensity of life requires nothing less than the development of true spiritual practice and remembrance.

Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud

Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud It is a golden time when Your Sabr is shining. We wait, knowing time is passing, patient with the Decree of God, and yet yearning… You bring us through a tunnel of Love, when first we are birthed, and in this life of longing we [...]

Ya Salam, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin

Ya Salam, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin O You Who Are Eternal and Ever Present Peace, renew us with Your breath breathing us, that restores, that harmonizes all the parts of our being, that we might see afresh, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin, O You Who Are the Inspirer and Preserver of Faith, the True Means of [...]

Aug 2016: Reality is Love

August newsletter: Shaikh Kabir on the Power of Sufism, Shaikha Camille on the Oneness of Being, Gunter Richter's reflection on the theme and new events...

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