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Reflection on March’s theme: Every relationship could be Being knowing itself.

dervish salamI heard a talk by a vicar recently in the local church. He began by pointing out the uniqueness of everyone in the audience, and also how we are unlike those who came before and those who will come after us. This uniqueness is extraordinary — all of us, each day, keep meeting new people and seeing new faces. There is so much diversity in life, so much difference, and I’m trying to notice this in my relationships with people. What does this difference mean? What does it say to me? It seems almost like the space between negative and positive charges on a battery. In this space between us, in this difference, there is potential, and maybe love is like a current that can flow. But like an electrical circuit, there are resistances. I do have to be so aware of how I can block this flow through my ideas and concepts about other people.

But we also share so much with each other as well. If I can give it time and presence, then as I try to look closer in my relationships, I see that as well as difference I recognise similarities — qualities and depths in the other person that we must have in common. This could be Being knowing itself. The more I see it the more natural the feeling becomes. At a meeting I was at last week, the presenter introduced herself to me and said she thought we had met before. I don’t think we have but I said yes, I thought so, because it is true — there is something in her I do recognise and have met before.

May my eyes be opened, may I drop my preconceptions and may I look more closely!

~ Mark Baverstock, Leicester

April’s theme is: Your inner being is a sanctuary; cleanse it with the light of compassionate awareness.

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Shaikh Kabir’s March visit

We had some wonderful gatherings last month during Kabir Dede’s visit and we thank everyone who came to the City Circle talk, the Wanstead event and the regional circles. All the recorded talks are now available to listen to and download here. The City Circle talk and Q&A videos are also on our YouTube channel. Part 1 is below:

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Reflections on Adab

Adab is courtesy, respect, appropriateness. Adab is not formality; it helps to create the context in which we develop our humanness. Every situation and relationship has its proper adab: between students on the path, in relation to family members and elders, in relation to one’s shaikh. Every level of being also has its adab, including coming into the presence of Truth (Al-Haqq).

Read the full article on Adab here.

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The porter runs to the heavy load and takes it from others,
knowing burdens are the foundation of ease
and bitter things the forerunners of pleasure.
See the porters struggle over the load!
It’s the way of those who see the truth of things.
Paradise is surrounded by what we dislike;
the fires of hell are surrounded by what we desire.

[Mathnawi II, 1834-7]