Moments with the Names

Al Hasib, The Reckoner

Ya Hasib One year ending,another opening—You give us momentsto take accountof all the passagesof our lives—Ya Hasib,You who knowthe good and the harm,and the secretsof all hearts.You recognizewhen we are fed,and when we are hungryfor love,and how our actionscompensatefor what we feelwe lack,and yet,You are always here,with Your rectifying balance,Ya Muqsit,You who pour munificencefrom the [...]

The 99 Names of God Patchwork Quilt Project

The Unfolding of an International Quilt Project ~ Tazeen Dhunna I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known, so I created both worlds, the visible and the invisible, in order that My hidden treasure of generosity and loving-kindness would be known. [Hadith Qudsi] For years Mevlevi women have woven their hearts together [...]

Ya Matin, Ya Badi

Ya Matin, Ya Badi Your Joy is coming to the mountainside, Ya Matin, with every sunrise. The breeze of dawn kisses the shores of Your hills, and every day they display Your Light, and generous shadows, in the folds of their skin where rivers run and waterfalls tumble with Your Grace. Anchoring our world, they [...]

Ya Qadir, Ya Muqtadir, Ya Adl

Ya Qadir, Ya Muqtadir, Ya Adl O You Who measure all in the most beautiful proportion, teach us Your Wisdom to know what to do when, how much or how little. May we water the roses, not the thorns, except enough to protect the tender branches and feed the camels, and goats who find there [...]

Ya Badi, Ya Qawi, Ya Rahman

Ya Badi, Ya Qawi, Ya Rahman You spoke and we became. Will You help us tame these desires You implanted in us? You know our limitations and our skill; everything originates with You. So show us the purpose of these faults we find that break our concentration in Your Love. So much to learn, we [...]

Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud

Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud It is a golden time when Your Sabr is shining. We wait, knowing time is passing, patient with the Decree of God, and yet yearning… You bring us through a tunnel of Love, when first we are birthed, and in this life of longing we [...]

Ya Wadud, Ya Wali, Ya Wakil

Ya Wadud, Ya Wali, Ya Wakil O Love, continually, You are watching out for us, holding our hand when we are ill, soothing our brow when we are troubled, bringing Peace to our hearts when we have struggled in Your Way and come to know Your Presence with us, in love with us so much, [...]

Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir

Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir O Friend and Protector, Preserver of that which is Most Precious, the Secret within these hearts that You have written on the Tablet preserved and protected for all Eternity, help us to keep our connection with the Source, of Our Sustenance, of that Light that allows us to see, [...]

Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, Az Zahir

Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, Az Zahir Newly awakened, we witness Truth, resplendent in the sunrise and every color of the rainbow— It fits itself into any shape and walks around to manifest relationship. Interwoven, Truth to Truth we realign our strands of DNA, magnetized in strength of You; we know the Truth when we see [...]

Ya ‘Ali, Ya Mut‘ali

Ya ‘Ali, Ya Mut‘ali We love to love You, Ya ‘Ali, Ya Mut‘ali, for You lift our spirits from within Your Self to Yourself— the highest vantage point is Yours to give, and so You bestow it, upon Your servants— those who understand that in bowing low they are exalted; face to Face in prostration [...]

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