From the Heart

Ya Matin, Ya Badi

Ya Matin, Ya Badi Your Joy is coming to the mountainside, Ya Matin, with every sunrise. The breeze of dawn kisses the shores of Your hills, and every day they display Your Light, and generous shadows, in the folds of their skin where rivers run and waterfalls tumble with Your Grace. Anchoring our world, they [...]

Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir

Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir O Friend and Protector, Preserver of that which is Most Precious, the Secret within these hearts that You have written on the Tablet preserved and protected for all Eternity, help us to keep our connection with the Source, of Our Sustenance, of that Light that allows us to see, [...]

Ya Alim, Ya Fattah, Ya Rahman, Ya Wadud

Ya Alim, Ya Fattah, Ya Rahman, Ya Wadud Ya Rahman, so unlimited is Your Compassion that every day You show us ways we may fall short and help us to see how to open our hearts. Ya Fattah, You Who Open the gateways of the Unseen, with Your Knowledge You comprehend the best moment for [...]

Ya Shakur, Ya Wahhab, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim

Ya Shakur, Ya Wahhab, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim We give thanks to You, the Creator of All Gratitude, for instilling these hearts with a Way toward Your Abundance and Ever-present Grace. So often, You give us cause to be grateful— for our health, for loved ones, precious in our remembrance, nurtured by Your Sustenance, for [...]

Ya Majīd, Ya Fattah, Ya Wadud, Ya Rahim

Ya Majīd, Ya Fattah, Ya Wadud, Ya Rahim Ya Majīd, every day You paint the sky with glory, and even with the autumn paling, You descend the leaves in armfuls of red and gold! How could we not know the Glory of Your Face, Your signature upon our hearts, Your writing on the hills, when [...]

Ya Raqib, Ya Mujib, Ya Karim

Ya Raqib, Ya Mujib, Ya Karim Dawn— a single cardinal calling “Raqib”— the Watcher is always here— holding us with the Endless Generosity of al Karim, and the Continual Response to Prayer of al Mujib. Red in the sunrise, warm in color and in heart— the Watcher is caring for creation, always attending to our [...]

Ya Mu‘izz, Al Mudhill

Ya Mu‘izz, Al Mudhill You exalt us to the stars that we might know humility before Your Power and Your Beauty. Before the glory of Your Beingness, encompassing and breathing through these hearts, and every smallest particle of earthliness and stars so far beyond our sight, we weep and kneel. Muzhill— we are but a [...]

Love Letters to Muhammad (6 of 11)

There’s the Hadith that says, “Anyone who sees me in a dream, it is as if he has truly seen me, for Satan cannot take my form.” Still, I want to ask you about a particular dream I had – whether it was really you in it. . .

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