A Retreat in The Spirit of Rumi

July 12-15 2024 (weekend only option also available)
with Shaikh Kabir & Selçuk Gürez, Master Sufi Musician
Agriturismo Le Case Loc. Santa Maria Di Lignano 42, 06081 Assisi, Italy

The retreat will support a vibrational shift in our souls through sacred music and movement, through practices of silence, stillness, and remembrance, through contemplating the jewels of wisdom in Rumi and Sufism, in the blessed atmosphere of Saint Francis’s Assisi, and through a heart connection with other sincere seekers.

We will explore and experience the knowledge and practice of: awakening spiritual perception, purifying the self, understanding the cosmic nature of Love, living with humility and inner freedom.

By awakening the essence of the Heart, we can deprogram the false self, experience our intimacy with the Divine, and discover a greater capacity for love.

Join us for these days of spiritual practice, dialog, music, and community.


Kabir Helminski is a shaikh in the lineage of Rumi, who for more than forty years has been a translator, trainer of hearts, and companion of seekers. His books have been translated into 12 languages. He has focused on creating a bridge between traditional Sufi mysticism and our contemporary language and psychology. Kabir is especially interested in finding a contemporary, creative approach to Sufism without compromising the authenticity of tradition. He has toured as shaikh with the Whirling Dervishes of Turkiye bringing Sufi culture to more than 100,000 people. See more about Kabir’s work here.

Selçuk Gürez is a master Mevlevi musician and whirling dervish. He embodies and carries the qualities and knowledge of the Mevlevi tradition, with 30 years of teaching Mevlevi activities in Turkiye. Selcuk is a talented musician on various instruments including the Turkish reed flute, and teaches sema (the whirling dervish ceremony). He has participated in more than 400 concerts, festivals and training seminars in the world (28 countries) as kudumzen, neyzen, ayinhan, whirling dervish and chief semazen. See more about Selçuk’s work here.


Le Case Agriturismo Assisi is a country residence immersed in the splendid setting of the Monte Subasio Natural Park, among streams and woods, livestock farms and organic crops. Please note that you will need to book your accommodation and catering directly with the venue. See more details below.

REGISTER – retreat fee does NOT include accommodation & catering

3-Day Retreat (Friday afternoon through noon on Monday): $375
2-Day Retreat (Friday afternoon through noon on Sunday): $350

Some concessions/scholarships may be available upon request. See the registration form for more details.

1. To book your place please fill in the registration form. Be sure to read the information thoroughly.

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If you have any questions please contact Saimma at eyeoftheheart@sufism.org
Please allow 4-5 working days for responses.


Please note that this is a non-residential Threshold offering and we are not involved in catering & accommodation . Please book directly with the venue using the button below for your meals during the retreat. You can also book your accommodation onsite or enquire about other local hotels.

Seek the knowledge that makes all the difference,
Not the information that clutters the mind.

Listen only to those who have become nothing;
The rest cannot guide you.

No one comes to truth by effort alone,
But no one comes to Truth
Who has not made the Effort.

Stay among lovers.
The rest make too much noise.

Kabir Helminski