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Ramadhan Outreach: Principles for Guidance

by Dr. Robert D. Crane. The Essence of Ramadhan as Holistic Education.
The essence of Christianity is love, but in Islam the essence is knowledge and its expression in compassionate justice as a product of love. The concepts of love and knowledge are mentioned in the Qur’an hundreds of times. They are so important that many different Qur’anic words are needed to express the depth of meaning of these concepts as the root of reality.

Sufism: A Hidden Treasure

“Sufism: A Hidden Treasure” — a talk by Shaikh Kabir Helminski at City Circle, London on Friday 14th March, 2014. Many British Muslims today suffer a double alienation: on one side from a dogmatic expression of Islam lacking in love, and on the other side from a materialistic culture that leaves little room for the spiritual dimension of life. Contrary to the prevailing stereotype of Sufis being other-worldly and cultish,… Read More…

Self and Selflessness


In considering how the human being can embody both self and selflessness, let’s begin with a metaphysical perspective on the position that human consciousness occupies in cosmic existence. The human consciousness is a presence suspended between the Divine Absolute and a Cosmic-Life-Force that is associated with our intention, thoughts, and feelings. That’s a mouthful, I know. It’s meaning will become clearer, I hope, through the course of this article.

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