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The Simplicity We Trust

Late on Saturday night of the recent retreat, “The Alchemy of Character,” Kabir gave this short talk about the essentials of the inner life. Within each human being is a witnessing silence, a space beyond thought and emotional reactions, and it is from this state that we can truly practice, worship, and attain communion with the Divine.


Discussing Spiritual Bypass

At the recent San Francisco retreat, “The Alchemy of Character,” Dr. Sara Winter spoke about the tendency to avoid ego development needs and the messier issues of our lives through spiritual bypass, i.e. a state of premature transcendence, trying to circumvent the developmental issues of the self in the name of spirituality. Unresolved emotional issues and wounds can sabotage spiritual practice, interfering with our meditation and zhikr.

Click on the title above to listen to this two part talk – Part one: the talk. Part two: the discussion.

RUMI ALIVE, THE NEW YEAR, Camille Adams Helminski

A talk by Camille from a weekend of “Rumi Alive” with friends gathering in Alabama in remembrance in 2007. It opens with Mevlana’s prayer offering from Book IV of the Mathnawi which seems a wonderful prayer to offer in remembrance as we begin a New Year.

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Recently Threshold has been working to create a “big tent” for a broad collaboration to revive the transformative dimensions of Islamic spirituality.