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Love Letters to Muhammad (6 of 11)

There’s the Hadith that says, “Anyone who sees me in a dream, it is as if he has truly seen me, for Satan cannot take my form.” Still, I want to ask you about a particular dream I had – whether it was really you in it. . .


Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir, Ya Wadud, Ya Hakim

Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir, Ya Wadud, Ya Hakim O You Who Compel Us towards ultimate greatness, You Who Are Supreme in knowing and love, You knit us together by bone and by vibration, restoring hearts and limbs that have been wounded. Sometimes we trip, and fall in our wanderings— bring us home to Your Love. [...]


Ya Salam, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin

Ya Salam, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin O You Who Are Eternal and Ever Present Peace, renew us with Your breath breathing us, that restores, that harmonizes all the parts of our being, that we might see afresh, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin, O You Who Are the Inspirer and Preserver of Faith, the True Means of [...]


Ya Ahad, Ya Wahid, Ya Wadud

Ya Ahad, Ya Wahid, Ya Wadud O You Who Hear and Understand All Tongues forgive us, for all the moments of misspeaking, for taking another’s name in vain, for riling defenses. You have told us to speak only with the most beautiful urgings. From the depths of our souls we long to communicate with You [...]


Ya Tawwab, Ya Wajid

Ya Tawwab, Ya Wajid O You who turn us into repentance that we might return to You with clear hearts, even as the muddy stream releases its sediment before it merges with the sea, wash clear these hearts that we might find You, Ya Wajid. Even the purest mountain stream sometimes gathers sticks and straws, [...]


Ya Sami, Ya Basir

Ya Sami, Ya Basir Ahh! The moon is full! No wonder I can’t sleep. Thank You for bringing me out into its radiance. The cicadas drone in celebration, and tree frogs “ribbit” in response. Vibration pulses everywhere, in light, in sound, in hearts. This week I learned it really matters who tunes your piano, what [...]


Ya Khafid, Ya Rafi, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim

Ya Khafid, Ya Rafi, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim O You who bring us low, that You might exalt us within You— when we are exalted in this world, there is a danger— our self-consciousness may increase, and we may lose the palpable sense of Your Presence that inundates us when we are near, bowing in [...]


Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim

Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim O You Who Are Infinite, All-Encompassing Your Heavens open and we fall through— up, into such vast expanses we lose our bearings and relinquish all we are carrying of injustices and justices waiting to be balanced by Your Will. We rest in the upward draft of Your breezes bringing [...]


Ya Nur ala Nur

Ya Nur ala Nur And today, Your Light returns, bouncing from Your leaves to my heart through the window that opens to Your Vastness. From where I sit, I cannot quite see Your sun rise, yet through the mirror, a hidden window opens, and Your rose pours through the air, reverberating with Your silent Song [...]